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Account Opening

You don’t have to go through any rigorous requirement to open a betting account with us here in QQBET188 because we have various channels that make account opening process quick and easy. You may use SMS, WhatsApp, email or live chat to message us in; pick the most convenient one and get in touch. This also includes making a deposit, placing your bets and cashing out your credits.


Please contact us for your sportsbooking needs because we have reliable and varying channels for the different sports of your choice. This includes IBCbet, CMD368, MAXBET, SBOBET, TBSBET, Winning FT and SPORT999.

Online Casino

Not living close to a casino and needing to play a round of games and cash in your big wins? Contact us and we can provide you with have access to online casinos like the Grand Dragon Resort, Green-Dragon Online Gaming and 855CROWN Online Gaming.


You do not need to go home or go to a viewing center before you know the result of your favourite matches. If you are in touch with our website, get all the scores as it occurs live and we can even guarantee real-time results.


We have various promotions available that can save and earn you more money – all you need to do is contact us. We have monthly top turnover rewards, 18% unlimited bonuses to welcome new members in our casino, cash loyalty bonus, 2x parley bonus and our Sportsbook welcome bonus. Our percentages of bonus may increase as well, so keep in touch with us for new updates and new promotions.

News and Information

For sports news and information on players, teams, clubs and others, you can contact us promptly. If you have heard from a source about our services and you want to clarify the information or if you simply just want to make an inquiry and ask questions, then get in touch with us and you will be answered immediately and satisfactorily.

Privacy Protection and Support

We would like to assure you about the privacy protection that we have regarding all your transactions, but if you still want more details or clarifications, you can contact us to ease your nerves.

Terms and conditions can be a chore to go through, so if you want a more simplified version, you may speak with our team so you can understand better.

Testimonials and Feedback

You can also submit your testimonials to testify of our services which you will soon enjoy if you have not yet. We encourage feedback and suggestions from you as well, so that we can become better in serving you.

We assure you that any feedback we receive is given quick and total attention so please do not hesitate to get in touch – you don’t need to be discontent about any of our services.


Customer service is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week and we are here to cater to your needs. You can contact us through our different channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter.

Please fill our contact form as required and we will be in touch.

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