Football Mix Parlay Betting Tips & Information

Published on January 15, 2018

Mix parlay bets are quite popular in football and all other kinds of sports betting markets. As you may already know, this kind of betting involves making a parlay or group of different events, usually from different leagues, and bet on the parlay rather than on individual events. There may be a minimum or maximum limit on the number of leagues you can merge in a specific parlay.


The basic purpose of betting on a football parlay is to increase the payout. Since there are more teams involved, the winning amount is comparatively higher but so is the risk. The more teams there are in a parlay, the lower is the probability of winning it. For a parlay to win, all its teams must win their individual games. It is usually a good idea to keep the number of selections in a balance, with 3 or 4 teams, in a single parlay. This can take some time and practice but once you understand the mechanism of mix parlay bets, it actually has a great edge over other sports bet types.



How to make a parlay in football?



First, you need to find a good, Reliable sportsbook. Once you’ve got that, log in to your betting account. Check the sports lines and the odds being offered by different markets. Go to the parlay bet option from the menu. You will have to choose the lines you want to bet on. The usual options are – money-lines, totals, first halves, point spreads, props, and more. The next step is to make the team/event selection.



How to make selections?



First, you need to decide the number of picks you want in your parlay. Whereas some online sports books may have specific rules about the maximum (and minimum) picks you can include in a parlay, most others will allow you to select freely. Still, it is ideal to keep the selections in a limit of 4 to 5 leagues. The more selections you have, the more will be the payout, but the risk will also be higher as it will be harder to win. Also, do not include too many favourites as this will reduce your overall payout.



Wagering on a Mix Parlay Bet



The amount you should wager on a parlay will depend on a number of things, including your bankroll, the winning amount, the number of selections, etc. Some sports betting sites may have a restriction on the maximum amount you can bet on a mix parlay. You can also consider using one of the online parlay calculators to decide the right amount to bet for a specific win.


Once you are ready with the parlay and have decided the amount you want to bet, you can start betting via your online sportsbook.



What happens if a match is canceled or ends in a tie?



When one of the parlay selections ends in a tie or if the game is canceled, the next decision depends on the particular sportsbook. While some sports betting sites will turn the parlay into a smaller one by removing the affected team, some others may simply cancel the mix parlay bet. You can find these things in the rules section of the particular sportsbook.



Tips for making a high probability mix parlay bet



A mix parlay, if not played carefully, can result in one of the most devastating bets you can ever play. Here are some tips you can use to increase the winning probability of your football parlays.


Your selections should strictly include the teams that are expected to win. Since it is essential for all the teams in a parlay to win in order for the parlay to win, except for the tie games, you should make your selections accordingly. Also, keep an eye on the odds and payouts.


Learn to handicap each of your selections before adding it to the parlay.


Avoid the temptation of choosing many teams in a single parlay bet to win a big amount. Instead, consider dividing your bankroll among multiple parlays of your favourite selections.


If you are afraid of the risk involved in Mix Parlay Bets or looking for a way to keep your bankroll in balance, here’s a method. Instead of building a single parlay with many teams, you should consider building more than one parlays with 3-4 teams/leagues in each group and then, you should bet on each of the parlays. This way, you can expect to earn a handsome payout even if only 1 or 2 of your parlays win.

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