Gambling Glossary – Casino Game Terms and Definitions

Published on January 8, 2018

A casino is a place where people go for one of three reasons – in search of some solace or peace when they are in distress, to have some fun, or to make some money. Online casinos have even made it more frequent and easier for people to follow their gambling passion. Whatever your reason is to visit a casino, there are a few things you as a casino player should know. This includes casino etiquettes and especially the language and terms used by casino players. In this article, you will learn some of the most commonly used terms at casinos.



25 casino terms you should know



Action: This is the term used to refer to the act of playing a card or a bet in a casino.


Bankroll: The entire betting budget of a player for a particular day or event or game is called his bankroll.


Bad beat: When a good hand is beaten by an even better hand at a casino card game, it is called a bad beat.


Betting limits: These are the maximum and minimum money bet limits that are allowed on a particular casino game. Betting limits are usually different for different casino games.


Blackjack surrender: In a blackjack game, when a player chooses to surrender by folding his hand, he is usually given half of his bet amount back. This is a wise option when you’re sure that you are going to lose a particular bet and have the chance to leave with half of the original bet amount.


Card counting: A card casino game strategy in which the player keeps track of the dealt and undealt cards in order to predict the next cards or hand or the outcome of a round.


Casino Advantage or house edge: It is a term used to refer the advantage (in percentage) the casino has in a particular game. In other terms, the odds in the favour of the casino.


Cheat: A person who cheats at a casino game.


Croupier: A French term used to refer to a dealer at casino table games.


Drop: Amount of money a player or the casino loses after a round.


Fish: A weak player who is still learning to play. He is usually a good target for experienced players.


George: A casino term to refer to a player who tips generously to casino employees and dealers.


High Roller or Whale: A bettor who usually bets high amount of money in their casino games is called a high roller in casino terms.


Jackpot: A jackpot is the biggest amount being offered by a particular online casino game. A term mostly used in slots.


Martingale: A gambling strategy which requires players to double up their bet after every loss. The aim is to recover the previous losses with each win.


Money lines: This is a sports betting term which refers to the betting lines or the amount a bettor has to wager in order to win $100.


On a rush: When a slot machine is paying continuously or a player is being very lucky at a casino game.


Overlay: A casino term used to refer to a player advantage bet.


Payoff: The amount of money paid by the casino to a player after the win.


Progressive slots: A type of slots in which the jackpot amount keeps changing or increasing after each play/round.


Rabbit hunting: When a hand ends abruptly, it is the act of seeing the cards that would have been dealt if that particular hand had continued.


Session: The time a user spends in a single continuous session playing casino games.


Stickman or dealer: A craps stickman is the casino employee who uses a stick to return the dice to the shooter and to collect or distribute chips on the table. A casino table dealer is also sometimes referred to as stickman.


Tom: A person who is rich but also a miser tipper.


Wager: The amount of money which is bet in a particular round. Also refers to the act of betting.

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