A Guide to Get Started with Asian Handicap Betting

Published on January 15, 2018

Asian handicap betting is one of the most popular sports betting types in Asia and surrounding reasons. This type of bets is mostly played on football. It is same as handicapping in horse racing. This involves handicapping one or more of the teams involved in a game according to their form, usually with the aim to level the field and provide an (almost) equal edge to all the teams. If you are looking for related tips, here is the complete Asian handicap betting guide for you.



What is Handicapping in Asian Football?



It is the process of giving a stronger team or participant an extra burden (usually in the form of a more difficult target) to give the weaker participant a better edge in the game. The basic aim of Asian handicaps is to remove or minimize the possibility of a game ending in a draw. Since both teams get an equal edge (through the handicap), they both have almost the same winning possibility.


There are two common types of handicap – a half goal handicap will always end in one of the two teams winning the game, while a whole goal handicap may end either way (a win or a draw).


Asian handicap is a type of spread betting. The specific spread lines are offered to make sure that a particular game doesn’t end in a draw.



Handicap Betting lines Explained



There are a number of betting lines in a handicap betting game. Take a look at some of them below.


A 0 (zero) handicap line represents the standard football betting in which the team win means bet win and team loss means bet loss. And a draw will indicate that the stake would be refunded back to the Bettor.


A ±1.5 handicap line will look like this:

Favourite -1.5

Underdog +1.5


It will mean that the favourite team will have to win the match by 2 or more (more than 1.5) goals for you to win a bet on this team. If the team wins by less than 2 goals or if the match is a draw, you lose your bet.


Similarly, a 0.5 handicap means that the favourite team will have to win for you to win a bet on it. If it loses or the game ends in a draw, you will lose the bet. However, if you choose to bet on the underdog, you will win the bet if your team wins the game or even if the game ends in a draw.



Asian Handicap Betting Guide



A professional sportsbook will normally offer three or more markets to cater the different needs of their different punters and also to manage the changes in the betting line. A punter should carefully read the table and choose accordingly.


Some sports betting markets may also give two or more head starts (or handicaps) in a game to level the field. In such cases, there are multiple betting lines with different results. An example of this kind of football betting line is given below.


Favourite -0 & -0.5
Underdog +0 & +0.5


As you can see, the handicap lines are divided between zero and half-goal. Since there are two handicaps, all the bets will also be divided into two. Here’s how.


Suppose that you bet $50 to back the Favourite on a handicap line of -0 & -0.5, then you are actually betting $25 with -0 (Favourite) and $25 with -0.5 (Favourite). If your team wins by 1 or more goals, you win both bets. If the team loses, you lose both bets. And if the game ends in a draw, you lose the -0.5 handicap bet but the -0 handicap is refunded.


No bets are paid on a draw match. There must be a winner for handicap football betting to work.


The rules in Asian handicap betting are more complex than the regular Odds market where you can know the expected profit or loss before placing your bets. However, some online sports books may still give you those details when asked. Do not forget to check all the details, such as the possible outcomes and the maximum loss, before making a handicap bet on football.


This Asian handicap betting guide also includes some useful tips that you can use the next time you want to bet on an Asian Football match.


Avoid bet occurs when the result of a handicap bet is a draw. This usually happens when the handicap involves a whole goal, such as +1, 0, -1, etc. The bet is voided then and the stakes are returned back to the punters.



How does Asian Handicap Betting work?



In order to get started with Asian handicap betting in Football, you first need to sign up a betting account with one of the online sportsbook sites. After that, you can log in to your account and make an initial deposit. (Tip: Lookout for sign up bonus or deposit bonus offers when joining the new sports betting site.)


You can start placing a bet after selecting the game, the team and the betting line. When you make a bet, the wager amount will be deducted from your sportsbook account. You should check the details of the given odds, profit & loss, and teams before making your bet. All the bets you place will be reflected in your betting account and will decide the total betting on a particular line and also the commission of the bookmaker.


The settlement score is the final result in a handicap bet. It is used to settle the bets placed on a particular market’s lines. It is calculated by the betting lines and the game result.


When a handicap involves two parts or the bet is divided 50/50 into the two handicaps, it is called Quarter Goals Handicaps. When betting on this kind of lines, you actually bet on two different events.






The reason why Asian Handicap betting is preferred by most punters who love to bet on football is that the winning possibilities are more here than the standard betting type. The rules may appear difficult to the newcomers but it is actually a quite straightforward and more beneficial betting technique.

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