Green Dragon

Green Dragon

Green Dragon Online Casino is one of the leading Cambodian gaming and entertainment companies which has spreaded its wings in many of countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia etc. We pride ourselves for the number of varieties of games including Blackjack, Midi/Mini Baccarat, Roulette, and Tai Sai or Sic Bo. All these games allow you to experience the exciting world of fun and thrill.

Green Dragon Online Casino in Cambodia is known for its premier properties characterized by innovative architecture, state of the art casino floors and excellent dining, lodging and entertaining offerings. We completely focus on the total entertainment experience and the top quality guest service to get a top market position.

Because of Green Dragon Online Casino all casino zoning requirement, it is allowed to operate gaming tables, gaming slot machines, online gaming and proxy gaming catering to best meet varies range of customers.

Responsible & Assurance

As a leading casino business companies, we truly believe in customer first notion. With strong syndicate support, trustworthy as basis, we have crafted a durable relationship with our potential customers.

Green Dragon Online Casino is also providing many types of alluring options for the game players. We are working on received feedback and reviews to provide customers with invariable novel excitement in gaming experience.

Fair & Safe

Gaming fairness and players safety are major concern of Green Dragon today. We ensure using modern gaming tools & equipments. Lives dealers & instant video screening technology help players to observe each game clearly which they are involved in. Most amazingly, each games real result is forecast immediately on what you see online. We use well protected servers to ensure website safety capability. All the information you input in our database are well protected through our backend platform operating system. Considering all your information strictly as private and confidential, we never disclose any of your information.

Customer Service

Green Dragon Online Casino provides 24/7 professional customer service and always glad to receive feedback & suggestions from our potential customers.

Long gone are the days when gamers and high rollers only had the actual casinos or betting arcades to visit when they crave the thrill of laying odds. With the excitement and entertainment that come with it, playing casino games has had more people hooked over time and as a response to such a hot demand, casinos have started bringing their brands online. One of which is the Green Dragon Casino.


Brief Account of Our Genesis


Green Dragon Online Casino is an offshoot of our elite gaming facility in Cambodia called Green Dragon Casino. This establishment has been highly esteemed as one of Cambodia’s leading gaming enterprises and we eventually committed to expanding our network.


Mainly, this has been achieved through the creation and development of the now online analog operative in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.


Accessible Games


Our drawing power here at Green Dragon Online is the ample selection of games we offer such as Blackjack, Midi/Mini Baccarat, Roulette and Tai Sai or Sic Bo, to name a few. Some of these games are popular house advantage and table plays, some set on slot machines, while some are non-table games.


Yet each requires a specific skill, whether tactical, mnemonic, or numeral, which makes them individually competitive and thrilling. Moreover, all of these games are accessible using our license to operate slot machines, gaming tables and online gaming. Besides that, we also have proxy gaming catering facilities which you can be certain our developers handle efficiently and are maintained in high quality.


Equal Chances of Winning


At Green Dragon, every high roller has an equal chance of winning as the rest. We make sure that our games are played fairly and squarely with solid and active syndicate support provided by our trustworthy monitoring agency. Since we have client satisfaction at the top of our priority list, rigging has no place in our system and unusual irregularities are immediately tended to.


Similarly, interested subscribers are promised the best and most efficient gaming experience because we only use modern and high-technology gaming equipment. For the assurance of fairness among all virtual players, we have live dealers and instant video screening technology that work simultaneously and send identical data to everyone so that monitoring is fair and objective.



Winning confirmations also follow instantly after a game is over – the results appear on screen at once, much to our players’ convenience. Likewise, you can have peace of mind when it comes to the information you input and address to our team. It is our duty to always value customer confidentiality by never disclosing your personal information unless you deem it necessary.


We offer professional and invaluable customer services 24/7 for the benefit of our dear patrons and potential subscribers, so hit us up anytime and we will entertain your concerns and instantly provide you with the necessary assistance.

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