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Published on December 27, 2018

Resort World Sentosa Casino

Looking for new exciting experiences that will satisfy your need for adventure?
Look no further!

Resorts World Sentosa Casino, the most significant integrated resort spread over 49 hectares of land, and the second largest Casino in Singapore is a highly sought-after tourist spot that has all you need to feel alive again.

Nowhere in the world will you experience such endless excitement like in Resorts World Sentosa Casino with all its attractions and hot spots.

In this review, we are about to take you on a ride through some of the most amazing highlights of this fabulous worldwide known tourist destination.

The story behind

Casino story behind
To get a closer view of what this magnificent resort represents we did a bit of research to find out more about its history.

The Resorts World Sentosa was created as a response to the ever-increasing popularity of gaming in Asia. The authorities of Singapore recognized an opportunity to boost its tourism industry and permitted the development of two casino resorts. However, they required the gaming operators to include entertainment amenities in the project to add to Singapore’s tourism offerings. In other words, Resorts World Sentosa had to include a variety of comforts such as food and beverage outlets, amusement parks and retail shopping and many forms of entertainment.

The resort was developed by Genting Singapore and officially opened in 2010. Its construction began in April 2007, and American architect Michale Graves designed it. During the initial phases of the construction of Casino, the old Sentosa Ferry Terminal and Jetty made way for Resorts World Sentosa. Also, within four months, a total of 2.58 million cubic meters of soil were excavated from the site which equals Olympic-size swimming pool. Preserving the natural environment was also taken into consideration when building the Resort. More than 200 trees were transplanted, and more than 140 trees were replanted. More than 280 trees were made into furniture and sampan boats. The Casino opened on the 14th of February, on the first day of Chinese New Year. In the second phase of development, other Resort attractions opened including a Marine Life Park, a Maritime Experiential Museum and two hotels with 500 rooms. Worth $6.59 billion, the Resort is also well-known for being the third most expensive building ever constructed.

The Resort is located on Singapore’s resort Island of Sentosa and is home to a plethora of attractions such as the Maritime Experiential Museum, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A Aquarium, Dolphin Island, Casino. Apart from these, there are six unique luxury hotels, the world-class Resorts World Convention Centre, and a destination spa.

And, the fun doesn’t stop there! For all of you who wish to enjoy in national cuisine and tickle your taste buds, there is a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences and exciting savory dishes from around the world prepared by some of the most renowned chefs on the globe. On top of that, the Resort offers different forms of entertainment from public shows such as Crane Dance and Lake of Dreams to original resident productions and numerous world-class shows.

An interesting fact is that Resort World Sentosa is a sister resort to Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia and Resorts World Manila, Philippines.

A sneak peek into the Casino

sneak peek casino

Resort World Casino is unquestionably unrivaled when it comes to Asian gaming preferences. This premiere world-know destination offers a wide array of 24/7 activities followed by unparalleled customer privileges. It includes one of the world’s newest gaming halls and brims with heart-pumping entertainment no matter what part of the day is.

The Casino is located in the basement of the Crockfords Tower Hotel, occupying 15.000 sq meters.

Ever since its opening, it has been attracting a steady stream of visitors with its numerous games available such as blackjack, slots, baccarat and electronic game machines. There are many table games (electronic and non-electronic) like Baccarat (Commission and Non-Commission), Money Wheel, and Electronic Roulette. On top of that, there are 2400 slot machines, and bustling casino features live singing performances. The Casino collaborates with some of the leading gaming equipment providers allowing you to enjoy in some of the most advanced games like Back to Future, Star Wars, Alien vs Predator, Indiana Jones, and others. This collaboration also enables you to gain access to gaming systems like EZ Pay and RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification Device).

However, it is not only a plethora of games that distinguishes this Casino from the rest of World Casinos. It’s the stunning interior with bright lights and a whirlwind of gaming, entertainment and dining choices which puts it on the list of the best Casinos in the world. Dining places include Casino Royal Bar – a great place where you can try Japanese specialties, Feng Shui Inn where you can savor sophisticated Cantonese cuisine, Full House where you can taste some of the culinary delights of Thailand, and Wing Choi where you can enjoy in mouth-watering barbeque specialties.

Dress code is very formal. Guests wearing casual clothes such as slippers and shorts, hats, helmets, caps, sunglasses, veils, masks or any other items which conceal their facial features (fully or partially) are not allowed to enter the Casino.

Government regulations require Singapore citizens and permanent residents to buy a $ 100-day pass or $200 yearly membership to access the Casino. However, there are always cheaper alternatives online where you can play a variety of games like poker and bingo while sitting at home in the comfort of your chair. The entry fees are used for charity and other public causes, meaning that the Casino doesn’t keep any portion of the fees. Also, keep in mind that the entry to the casino is restricted to people aged 21 or above.

Foreign citizens can enter free of charge with their passports or employment passes.

The casino interior design is full of energy and good fortune. It offers three tiers of gaming experiences with elements of tropical nature and flower themes. Singaporean national flower, the orchid, is used throughout the casino. The Casino occupies a lower level within the central zone of the resort, and it contains the main gaming hall and two exclusive VIP gaming areas – Maxims and Crockfords. There are a series of spaces in the main gaming hall. In this way, the operator can control which areas are open and how busy the casino is at any given time.
Each of these separate zones uses gaming color pallets and mahogany wood. Naturally, while the theme is uniform, there are variations of details to liven up the atmosphere.

However, the Maxims gaming area is on the upper level of the casino and is mainly designed to resemble a contemporary club. The colors primarily include terracotta reds and cayenne oranges making this area more sophisticated than the gaming center.

Architecture and design

casino design

The architecture and the design of this unique place are unearthly. There are hundreds of options for recreation and entertainment and a variety of ways to attract new visitors.

This casino project was initially awarded through an international developer competition, and the winning team was led by Michael Graves Architecture & Design (MGA&D), a Malaysia-developer as master planner and designer in collaboration with DP-Architects, Singapore-based DP as a co-master planner and executive architect.

This architectural, master-planning project was designed to provide a milieu of activities unified with its tropical island site with breathtaking views of the ocean and the city of Singapore. Fitted with a series of pavilions, the Resort offers a plethora of attractions linking the two hotels with canopy covers that provide shelter from sun and rain and a place where visitors can indulge in many other entertainment activities in the evening. Resorts World Sentosa exhibits large open spaces including a retail promenade, performance venues, an outdoor food, and beverage zone, all spiced up by relationships between the waterfront and lush landscape.

Sentosa Island has abundant vegetation, and a diverse landscape which adds to the beauty of the entire place is well-endowed with a different view. Many of its components have been designed to emphasize the natural beauty of the island while at the same time offering plenty of new features.

A system of waterways and pedestrian circulation routes were specially designed to give the visitors the opportunity to view the island, the Resort and all its magic in the best possible way by taking them on a journey through event spaces and across changing topographies. These paths allow the visitor to experience new and exciting frames of view including the elements of project architecture, the sea, the mainland and Merlion national landmark.

Three tropical design elements defined and characterized the entire Resort:
Landscape, water, and the all the forms and details associated with forms of tropical architecture such as large pitched roofs, highly articulated facades, shade-producing constructions.

The predominant colors are natural pallets, including the color of millions of square meters of stone imported from different parts of the world. All of this makes the environment warm and approachable while engaging the visitor and making the entire project fit perfectly in the islands tropical rainforests.

Another thing that makes this fantastic Resort stand out from others is the lighting design. Developed by Mr. Shaun Teo of Meinhardt Light Studio, the lightning provided the whole area with a brilliant and changing color scheme. A large number of lighting schemes was installed on the upper part of the Crockfords Tower to enhance the three levels of its top crown.
As a result, this substantial outstanding crown is visible from very far away.

When it comes to Hotel Michael, a different kind of lighting scheme was chosen to better direct the light, particularly on the required surface. These installed fixtures give an impression of the dimensions of both hotels. Also, the top of the poles that support the pavillions shines in bright changing colors making the entire atmosphere even more special and illuminating.

Kilroy Lim of the company AiXZ points out that they were looking for reliable outdoor fixtures that could feature vibrant and powerful colors while allowing a perfect brightness even in wide angles and that could create a dynamic and at the same time smooth tone changing effect. He also explained that given the fact that the area is so vast and it needed to be seen from Singapore main island, they had to make sure that the fixture was powerful.

Graves’s Resorts World Sentosa feels much more like a theme park. Slate’s Witold Rybczynski describes it generously as “Matisse-meets-Star Wars” because of the cartoonish feel and gaming-room decor. According to Inc. Magazine, the Resort World Santosa is “a tribute to Graves’ singular design genius.”

Other attractions

Universal Studios Singapore
universal singapore studio

The world-famous theme-park, Universal Studios Singapore, located within Resort World Sentosa is one of the most popular amenities of this grandiose resort. An interesting fact is that it is the second Universal Studios to be open in Asia ( the first one is in Japan). Universal Parks & Resorts marked Universal Studios as “one-of-its-kind theme park in Asia”. Here, you can experience a glamorous world of movies and enticing selection of attractions, rides, and entertainment not only for thrill seekers but for entire families.

Universal Studios Singapore was the latest addition to the Resort’s attraction list. It was opened in 2010, and it has seven themed sections with 24 movie-themed rides, where 18 were explicitly designed for the Singapore park. Everything in Universal Studios is related to hit Hollywood movies.

Performances are spectacular including Shrek 4-D Adventure at Far Far Away that kids adore. If you are an adventure seeker, don’t miss the Lost World where you can take part in stunts and explosions in WaterWorld.

Besides numerous thrills and spills, there are breathtaking rides like Sci-fi features the well-known Transformers the Ride where you have the opportunity to fight the evil forces in 3D combat. On the other hand, if you are a history lover, enter mysterious Ancient Egypt, and face mummies on an indoor roller coaster in complete darkness – this will help you meet your fears. This is mostly for adults, but not the quite the best thing for the youngest ones. Finally, enjoy a wet river boat ride in Madagascar – a real winner that will bring smiles to many people regardless of what age they are.

There are seven theme zones including Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you want to feel the atmosphere of making movies, step into a movie set and experience the hurricane and its destructive force with all the special effects produced by Steven Spielberg. If you want to relax after exhilarating day and gather energy to see more attractions, try the local food and enjoy the celebrity sightings in one of many themed restaurants.

Stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and experience the incredible atmosphere of the States and enjoy the main shopping area of the park. Go to New York and have a photo snapped with one of the Hollywood stars like Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe.

Wandering what’s it like to take a stroll through Jurassic Park? Visit the Lost World, a theme park based on two blockbusters Jurassic Park and Waterworld where you can see T-Rex and experience lots of excitement.

Finally, take part in celebratory Hollywood Dreams Parade featuring amazingly elaborate floats, fan-favorite characters, over 100 performers and a variety of special effects. And, before you leave, don’t forget to take a ride on the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon.

S.E.A Aquarium

S.E.A Aquarium

S.E.A Aquarium on Sentosa Island is one of the world’s largest aquarium with more than 100.000 animals of over 1000 species and across 50 different habitats. The aquarium holds more than 42.8 liters of fresh and salt water which equals the amount of water that can fill 17 Olympic-size swimming pools. Here, you can see creatures from all the world’s significant oceans where the natural habitat is designed to resemble a real natural habitat in the seas. With so many exquisite animals, you will need at least three hours to explore it properly.

Some of the habitats include Shipwreck, Shark Seas, Open Ocean. An exciting fact is that the thick acrylic viewing panel at Open Ocean habitat measures staggering 36 m and weighs more than 250.000kg.

A considerable number of marine creatures is grouped according to ten different zones. If you want to gain more knowledge on the marine ecosystem, observe and explore aquatic species from the Bay of Bengal, the Great Lakes of East Africa and cool marine life in cold-water habitats. Shark Seas Habitat contains more than 200 predators including endangered species like the aggressive silvertip shark and hammered shark. Besides providing the visitors with the fantastic view of marine life, the most significant value of the Aquarium is that it educates the visitors about the importance of preserving the natural environment and that their small actions can have a substantial impact on the world we are all part of. Fish tanks have interactive display boards allowing the visitors to hear more about all the species and their habitats.

Some of the tanks contain seahorse playing in colorful corals gardens with a selection of bizarre ocean jellyfish. However, probably the most exciting part of the Aquarium is the restaurant with views of the tanks and a souvenir shop connected to Aquarium.

If you wish to experience beautiful views of the ocean by night, here you’ve got a chance to enjoy in a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience called the Ocean Dreams. This fantastic adventure allows visitors to stay overnight at the aquarium and go on a 90-minute tour where you are allowed to enter the back-of-house, prepare the food for the animals and watch their care routines. At the end of the trip, you can sleep in a sleeping bag curled up beside the fish.

There is also a VIP tour that gives you privileged access to the aquarium. Besides having the opportunity to learn more about Manta Rays, you will also have the entrance to the back-of-house where you can take a closer look of the animals.

From diving programmes to animal encounters, birthday parties to walking the seabed, S.E.A Aquarium offers a variety of adventures that will suit people of different ages and backgrounds.

When entering S.E.A Aquarium, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind. For instance, you are not to eat or drink anywhere near tanks, but you are allowed to eat in restaurants and other designated areas. Also, you are allowed to take photos of marine life without using a flash. Pets or animals, in general, are not allowed except for service animals.

The Maritime Experiential Museum

Maritime Experiential Museum

The Maritime Experiential Museum is an interactive, innovative and multi-sensorial museum that gives you a chance to explore life-size replicas of historical ships and relieve the glorious conquest of the seas. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn how to read nautical charts, journey in the tailwinds of world-famous seafarers and enjoy in interactive displays. Take an imaginative journey through Oman, Calicut, Malacca, and Singapore, essential ports along the Maritime Silk Upgrade. Go back in time in 15 thematic galleries that allow you to take part in multimedia shows, a variety of high-quality visual projections and interact with hands-on exhibits.

Here are some things you can do in the Maritime Experiential Museum:

  • Take a closer look at the models of Chinese, Borobudur, and Javanee trading ships and get a valuable insight into all the techniques used to make them
  • The interactive exhibits in the Museum give you a chance to learn more about the art knot tying, or you can try some of the true-to-era outfits, and take selfies.
  • Encounter the storm in multimedia Typhoon theatre and experience the shipwreck in the multi-sensory simulation boosted by special effects. The visitors get on the Arabia-bound sailing ship, experience the storm, and sink in the sea as the theatre floor descends. The space seats about 150 visitors and the floor have a hydraulic lift platform that is activated when the ship falls.

Immerse yourself in a great adventure by exploring the ship and escaping from the pirates

The experience begins with a pre-show set on in China’s Guangzhou harbor where you can see the ship’s crew at work.

If you get hungry along the way, you can have lunch or dinner at Hard Rock Hotels Sessions REstaurant or Hotel Michael Fratelli Restaurant very close to Maritime Experiential Museum.
This Museum proves that learning doesn’t have to be boring. By taking an educational trip museum, you will get the chance to enjoy in a fun and engaging tour through all sections of the museum and find out more about the maritime life and trade through visually appealing displays like the globe in the MEM’s three-sectioned library.  

Also, here you can learn more about the evolutionary timeline of currency that arose from the limitations of barter trade as well as about the process of coin making.

The Maritime Museum was reopened to the public in 2017. It had 15 new galleries that made use of hands-on exhibits, visual projection, multimedia as well as experiences that will transport the guests to Maritime Silk Road. In this reopened version of the museum, visitors are greeted with by images of famous explorers like Sanga Nila Utama, Marco Polo, and Zheng He.

The entrance ticket to the museum does not include the Typhoon theatre, meaning that you have to buy the ticket for this adventure separately. The Museum is located near Universal Studios, and it is worth spending your money on. It is opened every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m, and Typhoon Theatre is opened from 10 a.m to 8 p.m. daily.

Accommodation in World Resort Sentosa

World Resort Sentosa

To feel the full excitement and the fantastic atmosphere of this unique place, choose one of the hotels World Resort Sentosa offers. They include:

– Crockfords Tower
– Equarius Hotel
– Festive Hotel
– Hard Rock Hotel Singapour
– TreeTop Lofts
– Genting Hotel Jurong
– Ocean Suites
– Hotel Michael

1. Crockfords Tower – an exclusive all-suite hotel Crockfords with lavish and custom – designed furniture that you won’t be able to resist. A spacious bathroom that has its steam room adds value to the entire suite. The place is equipped with its TV that you can see through a mirror. There is a personalized service that responds to all your needs no matter whether you need certain amenities or a dedicated butler, they are available 24/7.

2. Equarious Hotel – this heaven is a perfect getaway for all the families and nature lovers, and it is very close to Islands numerous attractions such as S.E.A Aquarium and Universal Studios. It offers deluxe rooms with stunning balconies and unforgettable panoramic views. The bathrooms have separate bathtubs and showers where you can enjoy and relax. If you wish to make the best of your stay in the hotel, walk over to the luxurious ESPA which is located right next to the hotel. The fun fact is that ceiling fans are made of recycled wood from trees removed during the construction of the hotel.

3. Festive Hotel

This hotel is famous for child and family friendly environment, as well as a wide variety of amenities that will make your stay in this hotel unforgettable. The hotel is located near Festive Walk, just a few minutes away from Universal Studios and other famous attractions of the World Santosa Resort. It offers king or twin beds, as well as cribs in case families, come with babies. Fun fact: this hotel is the only one in the Resort that has a kid’s pool.

4. Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

Want to feel like rock loyalty? Visit this outstanding hotel that bursts with energy and glamour and experience all the amenities and exquisite dining experiences. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the Resort’s best attractions like Adventure Cove Waterpark, Asia flagship spa – ESPA and others.

5. Tree Top Lofts

Immerse yourself in nature by spending a few nights in Tree Top Lofts. It is perfect nature lovers hideaway tucked in a canopy of native trees where you can enjoy in privacy and exclusivity at the same time. This hotel features a spacious living room and a bunch of luxurious amenities that will make your stay even more memorable. There is a private outdoor terrace where you can relax and gather energy in the natural environment. On top of that, there is a personalized butler service to answer all your needs.

6. Genting Hotel Jurong

Located along Singapore’s western highway, this new hotel has a unique “hotel in the garden” theme and many businesses, commercial, and leisure facilities. You can relax amid beautiful greenery, sky terraces and incredible landscape. This hotel is eco-friendly with clean and functional rooms allowing you to enjoy in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere.

7. Ocean Suites

The best thing about this hotel is that it offers 11 exclusive suites designed like a deluxe two-story townhouse. On the upper level, the guests can enjoy a pleasant ambiance, an open living area with outdoor patio and spacious Jacuzzi. The thing that distinguishes this hotel from the rest of the hotels is that it provides the guests with an outstanding underwater view of 40,000 marine fishes they can watch from their suite. If you are looking for more adventure, you can request to be ferried to S.E.A Aquarium nearby. The fun fact: Once the viewing panel is raised, the lights are dimmed, and suddenly you find yourself in a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere as if you are in a theatre.

8. Hotel Michael

This hotel is a tribute to the contemporary, renowned architect Michael Graves. It is a perfect getaway for art-lovers with its wonderful gallery-like atmosphere. All the bathrooms are works of art, with an amazing blue mosaic-tiled shower and flower mosaics on the walls. It’s also very close to ESPA where you can unwind and Universal Studios Singapore, just a few steps away from the Hollywood blockbusters.

Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island is home to one of the fascinating marine mammals – Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. This island offers a wide variety of exciting activities and programmes where you have a chance to see and interact with dolphins. This will motivate the guests to learn more about the life of these fantastic animals and at the same time have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The guests will also discover the variety of ways of ways how to make the marine environment more sustainable as well as how to provide dolphins with veterinary care.

On this island you can:

– Have lunch or dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Session Restaurant or Hotel Michael’s Fratelli Restaurant
– Swim in the water with one of these beautiful creatures
– Play some dolphin games and learn to communicate with them
– Learn a few things about the dolphins’ anatomy

All the dolphins are supported by a team of veterinarians, specialists, together with more than 35 trainers from more than ten countries. This team continually monitors the dolphins, paying close attention to their health and physical condition. The dolphins live in 11 large interconnecting lagoons located in S.E.A Aquarium.
Vets also keep the dolphins mentally stimulated by encouraging them to explore and play with each other as well as with the people that come to see them. This island is home to 27 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins that come from the Solomon Islands.

Loose items such as watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, mobile phones, and cameras are not allowed into Dolphin Island, and it’s advisable to keep them in a locker. Before you go on a tour to Dolphin Island, make sure you bring a swimsuit with you. Even though wetsuits will be provided, you will probably have to wear your swimsuit within wetsuits. Also, keep in mind that before going into the water to meet dolphins you will have to watch a short explanatory video that will provide you with everything you need to know when interacting with the dolphins such as the anatomy of a dolphin and the difference between male and female dolphins.

The best part is undoubtedly playing with dolphins like fetching hoops, making them sing and dance and splash water at each other. However, be mindful that it’s not all game and fun. There are rules you need to abide when you are in the water with the dolphins. For instance, when you are not interacting with them, you are supposed to keep your hands behind your back. It is a vibrant and exciting experience especially because you have a chance to learn so much through the interaction with the dolphins. There are three dolphin programmes you can take part in:

– Dolphin discovery – this programme allows you to get an up-close interaction with the dolphins
– Dolphin adventure – designed for adventurers who wish to swim with the dolphins
– Dolphin Trek – in this programme, you will have the chance to go 4 meters deep in the water and walk around on the lagoon floor
– Dolphin Observer – this exclusive programme gives you a unique opportunity to watch everything that is going on from the comfort of your seat in the shade. This programme caters only to the families and friends of the interaction programmes.
– Dolphin VIP – this programme gives you access to VIP lagoons in case you want to experience the how to show more privately.

The best dining places

The best dining places

If you want to relish the culinary fantasy of Singapore cuisine, don’t miss the chance to visit some of the best World Sentosa Resort hotels. From Japanese and Chinese cuisine to magnificent specialties made by renowned chefs from all over the world, there is a wide range of savory dishes you can try.

Table 65

Celebrated chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot run the restaurant Table 65. They opened their first restaurant in Amsterdam, and this is their first restaurant outside of the Netherlands.
Here you are invited to chit-chat with chefs. The focus is mainly on true flavors of food ingredients of modern European cuisine, including the world-famous Apple dessert.
To make things even more interesting, there are visual projections on your dining tables that invoke all your senses and make this dining experience unique.

Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

This restaurant is on the list of Michelin-starred restaurants. This restaurant serves modern Australian food with a focus on communal dining and premium meats. A wide selection of meats and seafood distinguishes this restaurant from the sea of other restaurants of the similar kind. If you are a meat lover, this is a perfect place for you.

Feng Shui Inn

Feng Shui Inn is located in a quiet corner of Crockfords Tower and it is most famous for the most exquisite dim sum, premium seafood dishes and a variety of Chinese barbecue. The ultimate aim of this incredible restaurant is to provide its guests with an authentic dining experience. All the dishes are prepared with utmost care and beautifully presented. On top of that, there is a wide selection of teas to suit everyone’s needs and taste. The interior design ads to the entire atmosphere with its stone walls embossed with majestic mountainous patterns and tables covered with golden fabrics.

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

If you are looking for dining with a view, Ocean Restaurant by Cat Core is the right choice. This amazing restaurant is located underwater within the S.E.A Aquarium, and it offers Californian-Mediterranean seafood dishes that will awake all your senses and make you want to come back. All the ingredients are natural and elegantly prepared using fresh locally produced food. Although the food is really delicious, we would definitely say that the view is the highlight of the hotel.

Bali Thai

If you prefer something more exotic, don’t miss the chance to try specialties Indonesia and Thailand are famous for. Here, you can smell incredible aromas of fragrant spices and herbs and try some of the most exquisite sweet, sour, spicy and salty specialties this fantastic restaurant is famous for.

Wrap up

These are only some of the highlights of Resort World Sentosa. Whether you are alone or with a family, there are so many other activities you can do that will change your sense of adventure and make the entire experience truly unforgettable.

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