Marina Bay Sands Casino – Perfect Destination For You

Published on December 28, 2018

If you are looking for some fun and have a travel bug, then Marina Bay Sands is a perfect destination for you.

No matter what season is, this awe-inspiring phenomenal place is the place to go to and have an unforgettable experience.

The Casino at Marina Bay Sands is housed inside one of the most iconic structures Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort that was built in front of Marina Bay in Singapore. It is spread over more than 15,000 square meters of gaming space over four levels. It has more than 1500 slot machines, a plethora of dining options and over 600 table games – what more can you ask for! But this is only a tiny spec of a wide array of conveniences this incredible place has to offer.

Brace yourself, ‘cuz we are about to take you on an adventurous tour through this awe-inspiring worldwide known casino!

1. Background story

Background story

The Casino at Marina Bay Sands was officially opened in 2010 in Marina Bay Sands, as a part of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, a resort project $5.5 billion worth. It was built by US gaming giant Las Vegas Sands This outstanding resort encompasses a hotel, a casino, a mall, convention center, theatre and museum, and 340-metre-long SkyPark and is one of the Singapore’s most prestigious landmarks. What makes casino even more interesting is the fact that it has everything to become next top entertainment destination in South East Asia.

This Casino is the world’s second most expensive casino in the world, after MGM Mirage’s CityCenter in Las Vegas.

An interesting fact is that Singapour gave casino gambling a green light in 2005 and the first gambling Casino was opened on the 14th February 2005, the $ 4.7 billion Resorts World Sentosa because it was recognized as a crucial part of a drive to boost tourism revenue and provide wealthy visitors with many interesting things to see and do.

Initially, Singapore’s approach required that the city had no casinos. The idea was to build two resorts which wouldn’t have a gaming center because the initial idea of the authorities was to build two Integrated resorts, Sentosa Island Project and Marina Bay Project. The first one should have provided family-style vacation fun and the Marina Bay was supposed to be business-oriented. Eventually, the idea was accepted and the construction works started soon after that. However, the construction of Casino at Marina Bay Sands initially suffered delays because of high prices of concrete after an embargo on sand exports as well as because of the bankruptcy of several subcontractors. On top of that, heavy rainfall and labor shortages make all the project even more difficult and hard to carry out which made the cost of the entire project to escalate in no time. After serious construction delays, the Casino at Marina Bay Sands finally reached the final phase and was opened in 2010. Ever since it has been one of the most profitable casinos in the world.

2. Casino facilities

Casino facilities

The outstanding 15,000 – square – meters casino with almost 500 gaming tables, 30 private gaming rooms, and 1600 slot machines (also known as “jackpot machines”) will simply take your breath away and make you want to come back. It is arranged on 4 game levels and it covers 15000 square meters of gaming area. When entering the main gaming guests can see a fantastic and the largest chandelier in the world, made of 132.000 Swarovski crystals.

One thing that distinguishes this casino from the sea of casinos worldwide is the fact that it offers a truly memorable experience and opportunity for the guests to try their luck in gambling.

There are four game levels with different features:

Main Casino Floor – a smoking area
Atrium 1 Casino (non-smoking area)
Atrium 2 Ruby
Atrium 3 Paiza – Here, the access is restricted only to the guests who have an invitation, that is the ones who are the members of the high-end Paiza Club

The casino has a beautiful state of the gigantic art space an endless rows of gambling tables. The atmosphere is out of this world – the sounds of the slots, free drinks at the tables (they offer tea and coffee), numerous cocktail waitresses. The Casino also has phenomenal gaming optimization and operation teams who work together to introduce new products and services to the guests strategically.

The casino offers a wide variety of latest and most popular machine games, containing over 250 titles and themes to choose from. Besides betting games and reel games, the visitors can enjoy in jackpot games,including Progressive Jackpots, where amounts may increase along with the game play. The casino consists of 500 tables with different bet limits for :

– Non Commission Bacarrat
– Sic-Bo
– Singapore Stud Poker
– Money Wheel
– Roulette

Guests can play most of the games in the exclusive saloon on the upper floors. Dining concepts are constantly refreshed – from tweaking existing menus and offering more diverse cuisine that caters to the visitors needs and that includes different palates and price points or introducing a new celebrity chef. The staff makes sure everything runs smoothly by constantly reviewing what works and what is out of order.

Marina Bay Sands Casino is only a part of a grandiose and surreal Marina Bay Sands Resort. It includes three hotels with a height of 55 floors, united by SAnds Sky park, most definitely the most popular attraction all thanks to heavenly and the largest suspended pool in the world. What makes this pool so special is the fact that it is designed in a way that its 146 long margin seems to be missing which creates an illusion that the pool is infinite. To spice things up, the pool is located 191 meters above the ground which only adds to the value and uniqueness of the entire place.

In this resort, you can also find the theatre, the conference, and the exhibition building, the Science and Art Museum. Also, it is a shopper’s paradise offering 93.000 square meters of retail space which includes some of the biggest and the most popular worldwide brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Prada, Ralph Lauren.
Finally, there is an underwater tunnel that takes the guests to one of the two Crystal Pavilions and two major nightclubs, Avalon and Pangea which are established in one of the Pavillions.

3. Casino architecture

Casino architecture

There is a good reason why Marina Bay Sands Casino is such an awe-inspiring world attraction – its stunning architecture has a huge impact on the city’s tourism appeal and has significantly transformed and even redefined Singapore-s skyline. When it comes to the design, the Casino is super-modern, cosmopolitan and above all, cutting-edge. That’s why all kinds of people go there from dedicated MICE-focused delegate and business people to dining aficionados and enthusiastic gamers looking for new challenges.

It consists of:

– 2600 hotel rooms across 55-story towers

– Fine-dining restaurant

– Two theatres that seat 2000 each

– Convention facilities for up to 45000 people

– Casual entries

– Indoor skating rink

– Three domes housing a retail mail with over 300 boutiques.

 All this is located on a gross floor area of 570,000 square meters.

It was designed by Israeli-born Canadian architect Moshe Safdie. The most distinctive elements of the Casino are undoubtedly hotel towers. SkyPark which is on top of the Towers covers an area of 12,400 sqm and weighs 6.3 million kg, including an observation deck, a swimming pool, restaurants, nightclubs, and gardens. While the low-rise domes feature waveform roofs, The ArtScience Museum is shaped like a lotus flower. An interesting fact is that Safdie also integrated some S$50 million worth of art installations within his design for the resort.

The entire project planning was inspired by the Roman concept of a spinal city. The commercial heart of Marina Bay Sands theatres, casino, Retail, Convention Centre, and related public thoroughfares– is organized, be self-orienting, with the aim to extend city life. The public spaces are filled with natural daylight and designed to be a public meeting place for various activities by day and by night – like any other urban place.

The architecture of Marina Bay Sands does not revolve only about aesthetics. For instance, in the ArtScience Museum, there are 10 fingers anchored by a unique round base in the middle. The most interesting part is that the design of each finger reveals different gallery spaces featuring skylights at its fingertips. This illuminates the dramatically curved walls inside the building and reduces the need for more lighting.  

The interior retail spaces are organized on several levels. The entire space is kept open and airy, filled with natural light to maintain views directly out to Marina Bay.  

In CNN interview, Moshie Safdie, the architect behind Marina Bay Sands Resort project, points out that he recognized from the outset that this was the place where Singaporeans meet the world and the world meets Singapore. He also explained that it is the place of a mingling of the world with Singapore and that’s the excitement and strength of it.

On top of it all, there is a series of gardens providing ample green space throughout Marina Bay Sands. Every level has its own green space easily accessible to the public. Casino complex, Shopping mall and half of the roofs of the hotel are all planted with trees and gardens.

4. Gaming area

Gaming area

Gaming floor space in MBS has four levels and about 2,500 slot machines. It offers a wide array of the most popular and brand new gaming machines in the world. Players have a possibility to choose from a vast range of betting levels for reel slots, video slots and electronic games such as Roulette and Sic-Bo.

With more than 550 gaming tables and 2,300 slot machines, Marina Bay Sands becomes one of Southeast Asia’s largest casinos. While entrance fee is free for Singaporeans, foreigners need to show their passport to enter the Marina Bay Sands casino for free.

Table Games

There are 13 varieties of table games on all four levels, (where only one is a non-smoking level). Players can enjoy in games such as baccarat, sic-bo, roulette, Singapore stud poker, easy to play Money Wheel and non-commission baccarat.

To play a table game guests need to use casino gaming chips, which may be purchased either at the tables or at the cage. With such a wide variety of games, guests will find the game they are looking for and undoubtedly enjoy the electric atmosphere of the place.

There are 200 more gaming tables for High rollers in the High Limit, Ruby, and Paiza areas in exclusive salons mostly on the upper levels of the casino.

Slot Machines

With over 2500 slot machines, and 250 themes and game title to choose from, the players of all backgrounds and budgets in Marina Bay Sands Casino can easily find the game they are looking for. On top of that, the slots offer a wide range of jackpots, including linked Progressive Jackpots. Besides a huge number of games and amazing atmosphere that keeps you at the edge of your seat, the kind and friendly staff is always there to assist all the players and ensure the best gaming experience possible. The lowest minimum bet is two cents per line, making the entire experience even more fun and affordable especially for the people who wish to play on a limited budget.

Electronic Table Games

Rapid Table Games offer an exciting experience for all the players who want to try their luck in MBS Casino. Electronic Table Games are a combination of dealer and live game with an electronic betting interface. By using individual touch screens, gamers have the chance to enjoy an exhilarating gaming experience. Basically, players make their wagers on the computerised table game layout and all wagers and cash balances are instantly resolved after each round.

With such a wide selection of games available to the guests of different tastes and backgrounds, exclusive areas and regular tournaments to get the attendees to pulse racing MBS Casino is undoubtedly a world gaming hotspot.

Finally, like most casinos in the world have a different target audience and market segment – the same concept applied at Marina Bay Sands as well with the enforcement of the levy entry rules. These rules are aimed at Singapore citizens and the permanent residents of Singapore. An entry fee for 24 hours is of SGD$100 while for the annual entry levy cost SGD$2000. In this way, Singapore Government wants to discourage locals from gambling too much and at the same time attract foreign tourists instead.

5. Dress Code and Hours

Marina Bay Sands Casino is open 24 hours a day. Residents and local citizens must pay an entry fee and there are also different in and out access doors for them. On the other hand,

Foreign visitors must bring documents which show that they are not citizens or of Singapore.
When it comes to the dress code, the visitors to the Casino should dress smart, meaning that they are not allowed to enter the Casino in casual outfit including slippers, flip flops, casual short pants, and sleeveless shirts nor any beach accessories. The security guard checks to ensure if you adhere to the dress code before entering the Casino.

Even though the casino is open 24 hours a day, the access is allowed only to the people older than 21 years. There is no maximum age for anyone who wants to enjoy the Casino.

By taking note of these entry requirements to the casinos of both integrated resorts in Singapore, it will help to ensure that you can enter the casinos as smoothly as possible.

6. Accommodation – Marina Sands Bay Hotel

Accommodation - Marina Sands Bay Hotel
Marina Bay Sands’ hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world with the magnificent views from floor to ceiling windows. It gives its guests the chance to relax in the world’s largest rooftop pool while looking out of Singapore’s awe-inspiring city skyline. There are four different types of rooms to choose from:

Deluxe Room – This room welcomes you with modern and elegant decor and a number of conveniences. You can choose between harbor, garden or a city view, or simply draw the blackout curtains and enjoy the peace and quiet. The room includes a fully stocked minibar and a number of luxury bathroom amenities and one king or two single beds. Also, you are provided with a 24-hour service, access to the amazing Sands Skypark Infinity Pool, and entry to award-winning Banyan Tree Fitness Club.
Premier Room – If you are a more contemporary type, this room is a perfect choice for you. It is bright and airy and will definitely uplift your body and spirit in no time. Take a long hot bath in a deep-soaking bathtub and enjoy in numerous convenient amenities such as movies on demand or 24-hour room service. Also, you can choose different views from your room such as a lower floor, garden view, harbor view, city view, and sky view.
Club Room – Start your day with unforgettable panoramic views of city skyline and Gardens by the Bay and enjoy VIP privileges with exclusive entry to Club55. Leisurely browse through newspapers, laptop or iPad while you savor afternoon tea. Indulge in complimentary beverages and canapés which are served between 5 and 7 p.m. and explore the glamorous nightlife at Marina Bay Sands.

Family Room – If you are traveling with your family, this is a perfect escape. The room offers all your living needs in one luxuriously comfortable space. Unwind on a plush sofa with your closest ones while watching a movie or simply enjoying your time together. The rooms also have a spacious bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower and deep-soaking bathtub.
Grand Club Room – generously proportioned Grand Club Room allows you to unwind after a busy day and explore all the beauties of Marina Sands Bay. It features a large area for relaxing and entertaining visitors who also have a chance to enjoy exclusive access to Club 55 with spectacular views and complimentary beverages and canapes from 5 to 7 in the evening.

Besides rooms, you can choose to stay in one of the following suites:

– Orchid Suite
– Sands Suite
– Bay Suite
– Harbour Suite
– Marina Suite
– Skyline Suite
– Merlion Suite
– Straits Suite
– Presidential Suite
– Chairman Suite

All rooms and suites have the following amenities available:
– Access to Sands Skypark Observation Deck and Infinity Pool
– Exclusive Entry to Banyan Tree Fitness Club
– Fully stocked minibar
– Free wi-fi
– 24-hour in-room dining service
– Interactive flat screen TV

In case you are looking for an accommodation outside of the resort, there are plenty of hotels and affordable accommodation near to the Casino.

– 24-hour in-room dining service
– Interactive flat screen TV

In case you are looking for accommodation outside of the resort, there are plenty of hotels and affordable accommodation near the Casino.

7. Restaurants in Marina Bay Sands

Restaurants in Marina Bay Sands

To experience the local culture to the fullest, you need to try some local specialties. There are around 80 restaurants to explore in Marina Bay Sands, offering the best local and international cuisines. Experience unearthly culinary creations by some of the most famous chefs in the world and indulge in nightlife and dining events happening almost every month.

Here are some of the dining highlights:

1. Festive Dining Specials

If you are a seafood lover, this is just the right place for you. This place will remind you of contemporary bistro in France where you can expect the freshest seasonal catch from around the world, full of rich and flavored layers. From Alaskan king crabs and the widest selection of oysters to wild-caught fish from New Zealand and Boston lobsters, there is a plethora of delicious seafood that will tickle your taste buds. For all of you who are not so much in love with seafood, there’s an alternative – try Chefs Daniels celebrated creations such as Steak Frites, and other Parisian bistro favorites.

2. Cut by Wolfgang Puck

If you are a true stake connoisseur, you need to visit Cut by Wolfgang Puck, a restaurant offering the finest and the widest range of beef selection grilled over charcoal and hardwood. There is a range of produce that will suit your taste especially because the menu is complemented with produce and ingredients coming from California directly which allows you to enjoy in a wonderful contemporary atmosphere and incredible dining experience. The interior with modern aesthetics add to the contemporary feel of the place.

3. Renku Bar and Lounge

This bar offers local and heritage-inspired flavors and gives you a chance to enjoy a variety of Asian revolutionary high tea experience. Pick a tea from an enviable tea selection and tea Master will prepare it for you. Here you can try two blends, exclusive to Marina Bay Sands – Marina Pearls and Durian Lapis. Here you can also try some of the most famous craft beers or signature cocktails.

4. Sweetspot

If you have craving for sweets, don’t miss the chance to experience the unique atmosphere of SweetSpot – an eclectic cafe full of comforting aroma of hot from the oven artisanal breads and pastries and freshly ground coffee beans. Pick from a fantastic array of chocolates, macarons and exquisite cakes and enjoy in a plethora of barista-crafted coffee, finest selection of teas and fresh delicious smoothies.

5. Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda

This amazing restaurant is acclaimed worldwide for contemporary Japanese-European cuisine that will take you on once-in-a-lifetime journey you won’t be able to forget. Each dish is fine-tuned to perfection and prepared with care. Indulge in 10-course degustation menu and enjoy the culinary creations of the incredible Tetsuya Wakuda, one of the Australian’s finest chefs. His culinary skills can be seen in amazing flavour including Marinated Botan Shrimp, Oscietra Caviar, Sea Urchin and Japanese Ohmi Wagyu Steak from Shiga Prefecture with Wasabi and citrus soy.

6. Lavo Italian Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

LAVO is a sleek and modern American-Italian restaurant where you can experience electrifying atmosphere of Italian-American cuisine. All-time favourites like the famous LAVO meatballs and Chicken Parmigiano are prepared and spiced to perfection. Besides the culinary delicatessen, there is a fully equipped DJ booth and sprawling outdoor bar and terrace that will get your heart pumping.

8. Singapore Rewards Programs
Singapore Rewards Programs

All the guests are given the possibility to be a part of the most magnificent program. As a Sands Rewards Club member, you will be rewarded with Sands Points, Sands Dollars and Sands Bonus Dollars on your casino play. They can redeem their Sands Dollars for shopping, entertainment, dining, and hotel stays. There are plenty of promotions and each one of them will add up to the entire experience. Sands Rewards Club is aimed at all the guests who wish to enjoy in luxury and exclusivity.

8. Popular Activities to do in Marina Bay Sands Casino

In case you are looking for an escape from the Casino, the crowds and all the excitement it brings, there are many ways you can spend your day and enjoy in the beauty of Singapour.

Explore the spirit of Feng Shui

Take a tour through a cosmopolitan center of Singapore and discover the modern side of Feng Shui. By walking through the lively Orchard Road and traditional Hakka cemetery, you will feel incredible energy and the ancient art all around you. Make sure you visit A Chinese-style cemetery built in the 1800s and find out more about how the culture of reverence for one’s family and ancestors influenced heavily the life and the culture on the island as well as the entire design of the place. Also, don’t forget to visit the bustling avenue of Orchard Road, where you will discover how the buildings perfectly fit the environment that is defined by Feng Shui.

2. Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay Sightseeing tour

The easiest way to find to see the beautiful sights of Singapore is to go on a sightseeing tour. Meet your guide at Raffles Place MRT, and start the tour through the center of the country business district and where the mouth of Singapore River is located. There is One Fullerton nearby, a waterfront promenade with the breathtaking view of the Marina Bay Skyline. Don’t miss Merlion Park, home of half-lion, half-fish Merlion. The next stop is Esplanade – Theatres on the Way, one of the most popular and funniest art venues in Singapore, also known as “the Durian” (because of it reminds people of tropical fruit).

3. Singapore Hop on Hop off Bus Tour

Like in any other big cosmopolitan city, Singapore also offers the possibility to go on a sightseeing tour by a double-decker bus. It gives you a chance to explore all the sights of Singapore, from Chinatown to Little India at your own pace. From city-s famed Merlion, a massive statue erected in 1964 to Kampong Glam, a lush and colorful quarter that house Malay, aristocracy, there are plenty of things to see and enjoy. Hitch a ride to Little India and go for a walk through Serangoon Road – a street with many Indian-influenced structures found in the city. In the Chinatown, you will not only have a chance to see some of the most admirable aesthetics of Sountek City’s skyscrapers but also many religious monuments.

4. Universal Studios in Singapore

If you are an adrenaline junkie, don’t miss a chance to visit Universal Studios, a massive theme park loaded with 7 themed zones and more than 25 attractions and rides. It prides itself for having the world’s tallest roller coasters, a white-water rafting, a 3D Transformers experience, and many more. There is also a train through Sesame Street and the canopy flyer that lets you get an aerial view of Jurassic Park. Universal Studios will get your heart pumping and you will want to come back for more.

5. Another theme-park that will get your goosebumps is Ten Courts of Hell at Haw Par Villa, a theme-park filled with multi-colored statues from the Chinese mythology and history. Here you can see small-scale tableau showing human sinners punished in many different methods, depicted graphically in detail.

9. Explore the beauties of the resort

Once you come to the Marina Bay Sands Casino, you won’t be able to resist all the beautiful facilities of this unique resort. There are so much more to do and explore without even having to leave the resort. Here are some things that should definitely be on your list:

Visit ArtScience Museum – this museum is a wonderful fusion of art and science housing a constantly-changing lineup of major touring international exhibitions, presented through the collaboration between American Museum of Natural History, world-renowned designer, Herman Miller, and the Smithsonian Institute. Two exhibitions, “The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World and “The Deep” push the boundaries of art and science are only some of the exhibitions displayed in this grand museum. There are also permanent exhibitions such as Future World: Where Art meets Science, where visitors immerse themselves in 1500-square-meter digital universe of interactive art and installations that focus on the themes like Park, Science, Nature, and Town.
To spice things up, the museum’s design architecture is equally iconic as the exhibitions displayed. It’s in a shape of ten fingers symbolizing the welcoming hand of Singapore and the fingertips filter in natural light to showcase the exhibits in the best possible way. The museum has three stories and 21 galleries displayed on about 50.000 square meters.

Explore the beauties of the resort

2. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park – one thing you should definitely not miss is one an only Sands Sky Park. This awe-inspiring place offers a taste of a highlife by viewing Singapour from above. Its a large wooden deck area on top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel that offers a magnificent, breathtaking view of the 360-degree panorama. Marina Bay Sands Sky Park has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. The best time to visit it is early evening because then you will have an opportunity to enjoy in the bird’s view of the city by both day and night. You can also get to access to the pool area, but unfortunately, you cannot take a dip because it is reserved only for the guests of the hotel.

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

3. Gardens by the bay – Another famous Singapore attraction that keeps attracting more and more visitors is undoubtedly a unique and futuristic Gardens By the Bay Park with giant man-made tree structures (also known as “Supertree Grove”). As the night falls, the 50-meter trees are brightly illuminated with a plethora of colors making the whole experience mesmerizing. The best thing is that the show is completely free, starting at 20:00. If you need to unwind after a busy day, visit Cloud Forest, a smaller shell-shaped building with 35 meter high mountain covered in multiple tropical and other plants. There is even a loft that takes you up in case you feel tired of walking.

4. Wish upon the World’s biggest fountain

Marina Bay Sands is full of highlight and exciting things to see and experience but there is one that stands out. A shopping mall The Suntec City Mall is a large shopping mall with an atrium in the center that has a large token of good fortune – “The Fountain of Wealth”. This fountain is 46 feet high and it weighs 85 tons. The water that flows inward is according to Feng Shui principles symbolizing wealth pouring into the mall.

5. Watch the water and light show

Watch the water and light show

Enjoy a truly spectacular water and light show called Wonder Full filled with music, water, even fire that goes for 13 minutes, twice in the evenings. The show takes place at the Event Plaza at the Promenade. However, you can get even a better view from across the bay near Fullerton Bay Hotel area.

6. Visit Singapore’s Esplanade

Theatres on the Bay and Esplanade Mall is a fantastic arts centre that includes a Concert Hall, Theatre and outdoor performance area. Opened in 2002, it is a perfect place for the entire family to enjoy in a wide array of shows and some great dining experiences. From listening to local bands on stage and enjoying traditional dancing from Malaysia and Thailand, there are plenty of performances that will suit different tastes and ages. The best part is that everything shown is free of charge. Just take MRT to City Hall and then take a ten-minute walk and you are there.

7. Play Golf

If you are a golf lover, make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to play golf here. With lush greenery and a wide array of world-class golfing facilities, it distinguishes itself as one if the top places to play golf in the world. Take your pick from large and well-equipped public courses, or relax in the more intimate atmosphere in country clubs or hotels by attending golf courses. Keep in mind that most golf courses in Singapore have a dress code – short pants (or collared pants) and golf shoes are required. There are many entertainment outlets, restaurants and cafes where you can unwind. Caddies or golf carts are usually available, and if you want to change your clothes, there are locker rooms and showers available. Also make sure to book in advance if you want to play a game golf, because golfin is very popular in Singapore and most golf places are fully booked.

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